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Baby shower invitation ideas

Are you stumped thinking about baby shower invitations? Do you need a little advice and some tips to help you out?

This post is all about invitations and how you can come up with some great ideas!

Baby showers are super fun to plan and to host. You got to consider the baby shower centerpiece, the decorations, food, guests, games etc…

One of the best parts about a baby shower are the invites.

There are many ideas and ways to create a wonderful invitation. Plus, there are many things can influence and inspire the type of invitation you send out. You can get great  invitation ideas from the theme you are using, the sex of the child, your interests and whatever else inspires the expecting couple.

Before we get into the many different invitation ideas we have lined up for you. There are certain baby shower invitation rules that you should know about and abide by. These are the things you should keep in mind when creating theme:

  • Send out invites at least four weeks in advance
  • Find out the number of guests attending
  • Invitations should be related to the baby shower theme
  • Guests should have a minimum of two weeks to reply

On top of that, there is certain information that must be on your baby shower invites. Many problems can arise if the information below is not included in the invites:

  • Name of expecting mother and host
  • Location of the event
  • Date of the event
  • Directions to the event location
  • Phone number
  • RSVP
  • Baby shower registry location/store
  • Dress (formal/informal)
  • Baby shower theme (if any)

Now that we have established these fundamental rules and invitation etiquette lets get down to the fun part.

Invitation ideas you can use

Here are several great baby shower invitation ideas that you can tie in together with your baby shower. Remember that not all of these ideas are compatible with all of the different baby shower themes that are out there.

Example; if you are throwing a gender reveal party then you wouldn’t be using your child’s gender to inspire the style of invitation you will be using.

Feel free to add or remove some of the ideas you find here so that you can create and tailor your invitation to suit your particular baby shower theme.

Advice invites – have your invitation ask everyone to send back some useful advice or words of comfort to the expecting couple. Later, the host can put them all together into a scrapbook.

Ultrasounds – ask the mom-to-be to get an ultrasound copy at the doctor’s office then take that copy to Knikos and create your invitations. Easy yet imaginative, wouldn’t you say?

Gender Reveal Version – use this one if you are having a gender reveal party. Ask your guests to guess what gender the baby will be and have them send it back. At the gender reveal party, read them aloud before you cut into the cake to find out what the baby’s gender is.

“BABY” theme invites – decorate the invitation with one major baby theme or several. The invitation can be in the form of a bottle, a bib, or a diaper. You can even decorate the invitation with alphabet block stickers, number blocks stickers, baby shoe stickers, rattle stickers, stickers of bottles etc…

Animal themed cards – these are great if you are using a animal type theme for your baby shower. Decorate the invitation with all sorts of jungle animals if you are using a safari theme or just with monkeys if you are using a monkey baby shower theme.

Stork Card – you could take the simple yet direct approach by sending out invitations with storks on them. Your guests will surely get the message with this idea. You can find cards with storks on them just about anywhere.

E invite – go green and save a tree by sending an invitation via the internet. You can use an online service such as E-vite to help you out. I wouldn’t go with this one because I like the old fashion way but its still a viable and semi popular option.

Invites your guests will love

If you follow the tips in this post and choose one of the baby shower invitation ideas that we provided, your guests will absolutely adore the invites that you will send out.

Remember that all you need is a clear vision on how you want your baby shower to look and feel. The rest should fall into place, just let your theme guide you along with the ideas in this post.

I would like to hear from all of you in the comments section. If you have any other invitation ideas that you would like to share then please let us know about it in the box below.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your shower.

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