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Unique Baby Shower Games

This post is all about unique baby shower games and how you can create an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment for you and all your guests that they won’t soon forget. These are our picks for the best unique printable baby shower games:

A party cannot be complete without games to bring everybody together.  These games bring life and excitement to a party.

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It gives your guests a chance to talk and get acquainted.  Even baby showers can use a game or two.

Like any other party, baby showers need games to get people together and to participate with each other.

The problem is you can’t use just any old game in your baby shower. Recycling tired old games will only bore and destroy the atmosphere of your baby shower.

Cool baby shower games and baby shower decoration ideas are what you need to get the party going and to create the atmosphere you looking for.  Can you think of any? If not, don’t worry about it because I got some great ones listed below:

Unique Games Everyone Will Love!

I want you to remember that these are not the only games that you can use. Let’s not forget that your imagination is a valuable resource and you can add or omit certain aspects of these games.

The ideas here will help you get started.  So grab one or two and make your party great:

  • Baby Shower Bingo – make your own bingo card but instead of numbers, let the guests write baby items in each of the boxes.  From a small bowl, draw out baby items that are written on a piece of paper.  When one of the guests completes one column (or any pattern), hand out your special prize.  This game is just like bingo but without the numbers.
  • My water broke – this is a cute and fun game.  Before the party, prepare your mini dolls and put them in ice trays filled with water.  Let them freeze in the freezer.  Hand out each participant an ice cube with a mini doll inside of it.  Ask the participants to melt the ice cube ANYWAY THEY CAN.  The first person to melt the ice cube and yell out  “My water broke” is the winner!


  • Dress Up Baby – this game is intended for the men who are attending the party.  Prepare baby dolls and place them on a table.  Each of the guys should remove the dirty clothes from their  baby dolls, put it in a hamper, and then dress the baby doll with clean clothes.  The men should do this as if they were caring for a real baby.  The first one to finish wins. A nice twist to this game is to have the ladies be the judges. The ladies can vote for the winner based on which doll has the best outfit on.
  • Diaper the Balloon – all you need to do is to put a diaper on a blown up balloon.  For this diaper game, the players should use a cloth diaper and diaper pins.  A little to easy, right?  Guess again.  The twist here is that the players are all blindfolded.  This is a fun game because of the reactions of the players when their balloons pop.
  • Memory Game The Baby Way – you will need another person to help you out with this game.  When the party has already begun, have this person come in late.  Ask for this person’s invitation.  When this person is digging in her bag for the invitation, have her take out baby items such as a feeding bottle, diaper pins, rattles, pacifier, etc.   Before the party ends, play the memory game.  The guest who names the most items correctly wins.

Have a great baby shower with these unique games

baby shower games are fun.  They can add all new twists to the old and boring baby shower games that we are all used to.

I hope these game ideas help you in preparing for your party.  If you need any more help on any other baby shower ideas, feel free to roam this site.

Have fun and don’t forget to tell your friends about this website if they are planning a baby shower.

I’d like to invite you all to share your ideas and thoughts about unique games for baby showers in the comments section below. All information shared is highly appreciated.

Thank you and I hope your baby shower is a blast with these great and unique games!

5 thoughts on “Unique Baby Shower Games

  1. I don’t know if this is unique but at my older sister shower we got a roll of toilet paper and took how many sheets each of us thought she was around. If you guessed the right amount of toilet paper sheets it took to get around her you won. of course you guess before you take the roll around her and see how many it takes. It is fun, unless she is really subconscious about how big she is getting.

  2. 1. you get toilet roll, and everybody tears off a length of how big they think her stomach is!, so fun!

    Spin the bottle (BABY POWER), You spin the bottle as normal, then the person that is chosen has to sing or talk to the baby, and see if he/she can make the baby kick???

  3. i was a host to a babyshower party twice and ive been to a few also. so below is some of the games we played.

    *guess the candy/food, -you melt chocolate or put baby food in the diaper and have the people guess what kind it is, or guess weather its a food or candy.

    *pair the socks, -each person will be timed and see how fast they could pair up all the socks

    *cant say baby, -everyone who walks in gets a cloths pin, and tell them you cant say the word baby, and if someone hears someone say it, they take there pin, and who ever has the most pins wins

    *eating contest, -give the people baby food and who ever finishes first wins

    *guess how wide, -pass around either streamer or balloon string, and have people guess how wide the momma to be is

    *baby price is right, -get a few baby items, and have people guess the price without going over

    *drinking contest, -we did this for the guys cause we wanted one game for them. we put beer in a baby bottle, and who ever finishes first wins.

    *diaper the doll, -while blindfolded you have to diaper the doll or teddy bear the fastest.

    *memory game, -put a few items on a table (doesnt have to be baby related) then cover it and tell them to right down as many items as they could think of.

    *guess the weight, -this isnt really a game but for my cousins babyshower we were running out of games and the people still wanted to play, so someone suggested guessing my cousins weight.

    well thats all i could think of, i hope this helps. have fun on saturday!!

  4. How long do players get to diaper their balloon?

  5. 6 minutes, 10 is alcohol is involved

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